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Oh Allah! You Are All I Want


İllâhî ente maksûdi, ve rıdâke matlûbî.

Oh God, you’re all I want and all my purpose is to gain your consent.

O Divine, Thou are purpose of mine and my sole intention is to receive thine consent.

The very first article in my column, I would like to begin with devoting effort to write about Tewwab, the Ever Accepting of Repentance, which is one of the  the Beautiful names of Allah(C.C).

For every single good cause starts with reciting  Bismillah, every good deed is followed by repentance. Yet repentance is the initial condition for starting any given worship, zikr (remembrance of Allah), reflection and good deeds which enable purely to penetrate into our hearts.

When we take a look at the definition of the word “Tewwab”,  we come up with meanings such as  the one that accepts the most“the acceptor of the repentance or the one that never gets bored when doing this, The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting and the One who accepts all those who return to Him. Wheras, contemplating thoroughly the meaning of the word Tewwab, we get the idea that Allah has already bestowed upon us every single  instrument which is necessary for repentance.

The mere happiness of understanding the awareness, together along with all the elements that would repent, that sense of supplication, penance and the frail feeling are also granted by Allah (c.c) who is the Tewwab, the Ever Accepting of Repentance, the one thing left behind is our weakness. In this sense of weakness we come to understand the subject who repents is not in possession of the sin and Allah (C.C) is the sole Possessor and the Acceptor of the whole repentance.  Allah indicates that He is the creator of the causes and the mere possessor of the universe by saying “I give thee a beautiful garden, a digger and a shovel for you to bury your sins, water them with your tears; I will make a flower blossom especially for you”. In this very condition, it is but the subject’s one and only duty to feel the regret of the sins s/he he/she did by failing to remember Allah.

Tawwab originates from the root t-w-b has the following Arabic connotations:

“To return, to return to goodness”, “to repent”, “to be restored to origin”, “to be rewarded for deeds”, “to be repeatedly summoned or called”and they remind us the fact that we are likely to fall into carelessness with six aspects in any minute and that we should seek refuge in the  name “Tewwab” which is there for us unconditionally.

What we need to keep in our minds all the time when we contemplate on this beautiful name to start a brand new beginning: The “Hadith” of the Prophet Hz. Muhammed (PBUH) “One who repents is as if he/she has committed no sin at all”. 

Yet, Allah, who is the Tewwab- the ever Accepting of Repentance, loves those who;

repents and have faith,

repents and  purified a great deal,

repents and  worships a great deal.

How would the reflection of the name “Tewwab” be on the person?

Becoming moralized with the name “Tewwab” is one of the most significant keys that will comfort human relations, societies and nations.

Accepting the apology immediately and unconditionally without ever bringing it out again and being present in the moment can be considered as simply the most effortless way to keep the both parties in peace and silence.When a person behaves wrong at home or in social life  s/he  feels regretful and makes amends by embroidering the name “Tewwab” all over you. If this is put into practise, it will help individuals and therefore the society to develop the emotion of mercy and provides a positive and productive space for everyone. Implementing this into your life will allow you to develop the emotion of mercy and provides a positive and productive space for everyone. Nonetheless, our beloved Prophet said;“The merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you.”


Praise belongs to thee, the Lord of the Worlds… We ask you to make us among those who see and demonstrate the Names of Allah as a beautiful mirror, who read and make others read, who understand and make others understand, who gets moralized  by the meanings of Thine beautiful Names; by interceding The Beautiful Names of Allah we call upon thee and we beseech Thee!

Make us among those who are worthy subjects to Thou and worthy ummah to our beloved Prophet…

O Allah, the Tewwab! who accepts His subjects penitence, grant all of us an accepted repentance.


Ayna Ayna Söyle Bana

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  1. Amen!.. and so much thanks for this promising words.

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